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Short and Long Term Disability

Short Term

This is an optional benefit available to owners and their regular employees. Also known as Weekly Indemnity, this benefit provides you with a weekly income when unable to work because of sickness or injury.

To receive this benefit you need not be confined at home or in a hospital but must be unable to perform your regular work and be under the continual care of a doctor. Companies that implement this program may be eligible for an E.I. premium reduction.

Long Term

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were disabled for an extended or permanent period of time?
  • What would your total income be and where would it come from?
  • What would happen to the current lifestyle you and your family have become used to?
This Long Term Disability plan is provided without submitting medical evidence of good health and covers you 24-hours a day. If you were to become totally disabled, a monthly income is provided, based on your age and annual earnings.  There is a cost of living adjustment annually and coverage for laid off employees can be continued (optional).

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